Thick White Girls Quotes

Thick White Girls Quotes

Suppose you are a chubby or thick girl. In that case, you may get bully by a significant section of society, and you may start losing your confidence, and a sense of fear may begin developing in your mind because of your body. You should read these thick white girls quotes to help you stress out from your insecurities. These thick white girls quotes will kill the negative thoughts that you are not beautiful because you are thinking than other girls, but you must be proud in whatever shape you are.

There is no doubt that a mature and sensible person will not bully a girl due to her physical condition even once because they know that their comment can ruin their mental peace and destroy their confidence. Therefore, we have gathered several thick white girls quotes to help you deal with your thoughts that having a chubby or fat body is terrible, but you look terrific, and it will enhance your confidence.

80+ Thick White Girls Quotes about Confidence and Trending Girls Quotes

Most of the thick girls feel demotivated and heartbroken due to their fat bodies. So if you are one of them and feel devastated most of the time due to other people’s partial and indiscriminate behavior, you must read these thick white girls quotes and thick white women quotes.

These quotes will help you boost up your confidence and pump up your energy. And you will start feeling that you are the best person inside out, and there is no need to work out and put yourself in danger to get slim, just because other people will think that will make you pretty. You will read some thick white girls quotes super, and thick white women quote beautiful.

It would help if you start thinking that you are pretty and smart in every way and are unique in your way because it will not matter if your legs are thick and butt is not in proportion with them, it does not mean that you are fat if you have a belly to proportionate with your butt. You will read some trending thick girls quotes that will portray an image in your mind, what is trending nowadays. In addition, you can have a chance to compare your physique with the most liked trending one and feel more confident.

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Most people are confused between being thick and beautiful; there are some things to be clear that you can be beautiful even you are thinking of other people around; there is no such connection that a thick person can not be pretty.

It would help if you learned how you could enjoy yourself, despite what people think, you can go to a club alone and dance, despite being thick or slim, white or black, you have to take care of one thing, and that should be you should not dominate people on you. You will read some thick white girls quotes and thick white women quotes here.

I may be known as the girl who was sunbathing topless with a Prince but Jordan is known as that thick girl who always falls out of clubs drunk. I know which one I prefer.

Jenny Frost

The whole series is black-and-white, so when I went to shoot one of the women I only had black-and-white film with me. She had reddish hair and was a very pretty girl, a nice girl.

Helmut Newton

Black boy, white boy, Clean black boy, white boy clothes, Black boy, white boy style, Makes the black girl, white girl notice me, Everybody looking like what do I have on.

Travis Porter

I do believe that there are African Americans who have thick accents. My mom has a thick accent; my relatives have thick accents. But sometimes you have to adjust when you go into the world of film, TV, theatre, in order to make it accessible to people.

Viola Davis

Bounce back not by being thick skinned, but by being thick willed

Adil Dhalla

Being thick is when your waist is skinnier & your legs aren’t. if your whole body is chunky, you ain’t thick. You’re just chubby.


Some people get being thick confused with being beautiful. We all know at least 1 ugly thick female that think she fine AF because shes thick.


My white girl fuck me good, interracial datin. My black girl suck my dick and she on probation.

Lil B

Yeah that girl is thick, top heavy for days. That bottom half is fishy, What you a mermaid?


There are two types of Chinese growing up in America. One is the kind that does really well in school, with thick, thick glasses. And the other is involved with the gangs.

Donnie Yen

I have pretty thick skin, and I think if you’re going to be in this business, if you’re going to be an actor or a writer, you better have a thick skin.

John Irving

I ain’t Kobe Bryant but I’m playin wit that white girl. Aye!Try to cross I fuck yo whole world kick yo front door in den front to that black girl.

OJ Da Juiceman

War’s all either country knows, and everything seems to depend on it now.

Samuel Snoek-Brown

An intelligent investor gets satisfaction from the thought that his operations are exactly opposite to those of the crowd.

Benjamin Graham

When you go to a club it’s not about being black or white or heavy or thick. I’m shaking my ass because I want to shake my ass, not ’cause “I’m dancing like a black girl!

Miley Cyrus

There is nothing new and nothing truthful in the false accusations against public officials make by the Schaghticoke Tribal Nation today, … The simple reality is that the Schaghticoke fail to meet the criteria for federal recognition

Richard Blumenthal

At times we feel wounded, hurt, disappointed, disgusted, resentful, sick of it all. At other times we feel skeptical, outraged, robbed, beaten. We chafe, hate, overlook. Then again we feel like ignoring, defying and fighting for every right that belongs to us as human beings.

Nannie Helen Burroughs

Therefore any cruelty has to be executed at once, so that the less it is tasted, the less it offends; while benefits must be dispensed little by little, so that they will be savored all the more.

Niccolo Machiavelli

I don’t work for money any longer. I’m fortunate enough not to need to work for money, but I work for pride; I work because I love to work, and so the idea that one could lose control of one’s own name and that things could be produced with your name on that you were not proud of scared me.

Tom Ford

The theist is persuaded that while nothing that contradicts science is likely to be true, still nothing that stops with science can be the whole truth.

Gordon Allport

Life again refused to remain lifesized

Salman Rushdie

In our house we don’t take ourselves too seriously, and laughter is the best form of unity, I think, in a marriage.

Michelle Obama

I am Ecuadorian but people felt so safe passing me off as a skinny, blue-eyed white girl.

Christina Aguilera

There are a lot of young black girls who I meet in my travels who don’t have a lot of self-esteem. So if I communicate to them that they’re beautiful, no white person should find fault in that. It doesn’t mean that young white girls aren’t beautiful, because they are just as beautiful.

Lauryn Hill

There’s drama in everything. That’s why I love movies. Like Welcome to the Dollhouse, I’m a 350-pound black man, and I could understand what it was like to be a little white girl.

Terry Crews

You messed with the wrong white girl, motherfucker!” Tyler shouted.

Jeaniene Frost

A white girl disappears from a white prep school in a white suburb. Nobody knows what happened to her. The overall whiteness of the world is threatened. This must be resolved by whatever means possible.

Heidi Julavits

There is a white girl from Australia that spits in an Australian accent, and her name is Chelsea Jane. That I can get into. Teach me Australian Hip-Hop culture. Don’t come to America and try to convince me that you’re Gangsta Boo…We’re not going to believe you if you’re trying to convince us that you’re out here trap shooting.

Rah Digga

I think that show will go down in history… people will scratch their heads and say ‘How did this ever get on the air?’ I mean, they finally have a planet that’s populated with a black race and then they present them as savage warriors, and the men want the white girl!

Denise Crosby

If I go into a club now, all the blonde girls leave my corner and all the black girls come into my corner. It’s as if I’m racist towards white girls!

Boris Becker

White girls tell me Hey Nicki your camp rules! Is that why you get more head than shampoos?

Nicki Minaj

I was one of I think three white girls in my school. So, I was very much an outsider. And plus I was Jewish and all of my friends were black and Baptist because they listen to the coolest music. We were all listening to Ray Charles and what was then called race music.

Janis Ian

A little black girl yearns for the blue eyes of a little white girl, and the horror at the heart of her yearning is exceeded only by the evil of fulfillment

Toni Morrison

One of the things I noticed when I worked at Vibe was that backstage at a fashion show, they always referred to the black models as “black girls.” I thought, “They never say ‘white girls.’

Hilton Als

I admire hard-bitten, wisecracking realism of Ida Lupino and the film noir heroines. I’m sick of simpering white girls with their princess fantasies.

Camille Paglia

I mean, I grew up in the Valley. All my friends were white Jewish kids. So the Latino kids thought I was this white girl.

America Ferrera

Nowadays people always say, ‘How come he’s doing such young shows?’ But they never mention ‘The Mod Squad’. I was very proud of that show. It’s the first time an African-American guy kissed a white girl.

Aaron Spelling

I was raised in a mostly white neighborhood. I was this little white girl jamming out to Ella Fitzgerald and Bobby Brown.

Joanna Noelle Levesque

I think people must wonder how a white girl like me became a blues guitarist. The truth is, I never intended to do this for a living.

Bonnie Raitt

Lula had Eminem cranked up. He was rapping about trailer park girls and how they go round the outside, and I was wondering what the heck that meant. I’m a white girl from Trenton. I don’t know these things. I need a rap cheat sheet.

Janet Evanovich

And I couldn’t make fun of her for that dream. It was my dream, too. And Indian boys weren’t supposed to dream like that. And white girls from small towns weren’t supposed to dream big, either. We were supposed to be happy with our limitations. But there was no way Penelope and I were going to sit still. Nope, we both wanted to fly.

Sherman Alexie

Thick White Women Quotes

You will read some thick white women quotes here.

I’m sort of coming of age into a different time of acting, and I feel kind of like a kid again. I used to think that I could climb anything, do anything. But I’ve just been like a skinny white girl my whole life.

Jena Malone

My white girl Veronica, black girl Monica,
Got me celebrating Christma-Hanu-Kwanzaa-kah,
Rocking dashikis with a yarmulke.

Big Sean

Whether chocolate or vanilla, or you’re somewhere in between,
A cappuccino mocha or a caramel queen,
Rejected by the black, not accepted by the white world,
And this is dedicated to them dark-skinned white girls.


Only in comedy, by the way, does an obedient white girl from the suburbs count as diversity.

Tina Fey

I played a girl. There’s really nothing controversial about her. She’s just fine. She has to be fine in order to make Sarah Jessica’s character pop, I say I just play a white girl in that movie.

Claire Danes

I was often the only white girl in the Indian dance class. That felt funny, but doing Indian dance was great.

Roselee Goldberg

I have a dream that one day, down in Alabama, with its vicious racists, with its governor having his lips dripping with the words of “interposition” and “nullification” – one day right there in Alabama little black boys and black girls will be able to join hands with little white boys and white girls as sisters and brothers.

Martin Luther King, Jr.

Dating a white girl is like dating a black girl if she were really passive-agressive.

Dov Davidoff

They embrace them because they represent everything that America represents: money, power, and freedom. Why else would you see an old Ugandan woman respectfully listen to a 22-year-old white girl from America telling her what she should or shouldn’t believe?

Roger Ross Williams

It was enormously challenging because you want that all-American girl, but you also want the cool WASP, privileged white girl. Usually, women in that package aren’t funny.

Jenji Kohan

Im in love with a girl who knows me better. Fell for the woman just when I met her. Took my sweet time


Im not worried about me,” I whispered viciously. And as sono as I said it, I knew it was the truth. Apparently, the

Karen Chance

Been in a lot of time zones. Been on a lot of planes. Had a lot of complimentary honey-roasted peanuts whapped onto my

Dave Barry

I reached for Helens hand, and felt her squeeze back, accepting that I would understand more than most the missing part.

Karen White

Thanks to the competence, love of God, our countrys security and stability, endowed wealth, integrated infrastructure and quality services, the U.A.E. turned into

Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan

Thick White Women Quotes for Pinterest

Here you will find some thick white girls quotes for Pinterest with beautiful backgrounds and images. Also, some thick white girls quotes for Tumbler and thick white girls quotes for Reddit.

I always think to shoot action scenes is not really about the stunts. It’s more about an expression and about imagination.

Wong Kar-Wai

When you’re righteous, you don’t have to tell people that you’re righteous.

Shaquille O’Neal

The greatest happiness for the thinking person is to have explored the explorable and to venerate in equanimity that which cannot be explored.

Johann Wolfgang Von Goethe

I wanted to do a book on donuts…Maybe this dream will be book number three, after the Fault in Our Starburst: a Brief History of the Yellow Ones.

Sammy Rhodes

just be what you want to be and you will be happy

David McDuff

The more highly adapted an organism becomes, the less adaptable it is to any new change.

Ronald Fisher

It can bring on heavy sadness and sharp despair and it does not change the past.

Cathy Lamb

A true heart may not talk with you everyday or may not meet you every time but always thinks about you and your memories


Cause you got thick legs and a little butt don’t mean you thick cause if you got a belly to go with it, you not thick. Its a difference being fat an thick


Slick got mo game than a lil’ bit. Baby girl five five brown eyes with the thick lips, thick thighs with the slim hips. Sugar honey ice t, baby girls is so sweet and a bag of chips.

Pretty Ricky

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