Pride Quotes

Pride Quotes

Pride Quotes are essential to understand the importance of being a cool head and treat others with a better and respected manner. Sometimes our most significant hurdle in the way of success is ourselves. Pride and egotism can be the reason behind making some bad and irrational decisions. We all need to keep calm and think with reasonable grounds before taking decisions of life. To make yourself calm and relaxed, one needs to have wise and insightful thoughts to keep on track, so the best way is that we always must have some pride quotes and Pride saying in our mind.

Pride Quotes

70+ Pride Quotes about Bible,Love, Life and more

Pride is an essential topic and subject discussed in the bible thoroughly. Being proud and thinking other fellows are of low ranks is a sin that the Lord hates and even it mentioned in the bible clearly that whoever Pride themselves then must find God opposing them.

Being proud has many negative and harmful impacts on someone’s life; first of all, you are being proud of something you must understand that by this act, you are making God your opposer. Secondly, it will have a harmful image of your personality in others mind. If you make your God opposer in anything, then it is evident that that thing will not last long.

We must remember that Pride is the worst snake in our heart; this snake the greatest disturber of the peace of the mind and soul. The greatest motivation that can help us keep our heart from Pride is that it was the first sin in this world.

Pride lies at the lowest level of Satan’s building’s foundation, and it is the most challenging thing to get rid. Plus it is hard to find Pride in something because it mostly hides and the lusts’ secret.

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Pride works like a magnet which always points toward one direction, and that direction is towards ourself. It makes us blind, and we can not see anyone else except ourself.

Self-love and Pride are two different things, albeit both words are synonyms, but their contexts are different. You can pride yourself without being vain because being proud is an opinion about ourselves, what we think about ourselves and what we plan to succeed in life. Still, self-love or vanity is about what other people think about you.

When we are proud of ourselves blindly, we build a wall around ourselves, and the height of the wall is so tall that we can not see beyond this wall.

A community LGBTQIA has dedicated the month of June to celebrate Pride for their community. So, this community is fighting for equality for their rights, and it’s time to be proud and to be bold. This community arranges rallies and marches that schedule in June, so for the perfect way of motivation and celebration, you need wise and insightful words and quotes, to display on the sign.

We have pulled together some real motivation and inspiring pride quotes, the LGBTQIA + community quotes for the change call.So, most people or the participant don’t have the right words for their signs, and they make up their phrases that don’t have must impact and motivation for the change. The primary purpose of bringing the signs are not get praised for your beautiful signs, but to bring some inspiring stuff for people. We can use other people’s pride quotes, but should not forget their credit.

Here we have a list of the powerful and provoking pride quotes that will help you be on track and become a voice for equality.

“I would always rather be happy than dignified.”

Charlotte Brontë

“Vanity and pride are different things, though the words are often used synonymously. A person may be proud without being vain. Pride relates more to our opinion of ourselves, vanity to what we would have others think of us.”

Jane Austen

“I could easily forgive his pride, if he had not mortified mine.”

Jane Austen

“I am not proud, but I am happy; and happiness blinds, I think, more than pride.”

Alexandre Dumas

“A proud man is always looking down on things and people; and, of course, as long as you are looking down, you cannot see something that is above you.”

C.S. Lewis

“Let others pride themselves about how many pages they have written; I’d rather boast about the ones I’ve read.”

Jorge Luis Borges

“Every woman that finally figured out her worth, has picked up her suitcases of pride and boarded a flight to freedom, which landed in the valley of change.”

Shannon L. Alder

“Generosity is giving more than you can, and pride is taking less than you need.”

Khalil Gibran

“All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil. The only crime is pride.”


“I do not care so much what I am to others as I care what I am to myself.”

Michel de Montaigne

“As long as you are proud you cannot know God. A proud man is always looking down on thing and people: and, of course, as long as you are looking down you cannot see something that is above you.”

C.S. Lewis
Pride Quotes

“Too many people spend money they haven’t earned, to buy things they don’t want, to impress people that they don’t like.”

Will Rogers

“When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but with creatures bristling with prejudice and motivated by pride and vanity.”

Dale Carnegie

“I’m so proud of you that it makes me proud of me. I hope you know that.”

John Green

“Man is not, by nature, deserving of all that he wants. When we think that we are automatically entitled to something, that is when we start walking all over others to get it.”

Criss Jami

“It is better to lose your pride with someone you love rather than to lose that someone you love with your useless pride.”

John Ruskin

“Through pride we are ever deceiving ourselves. But deep down below the surface of the average conscience a still, small voice says to us, something is out of tune. ”

Carl Gustav Jung

“The proud person always wants to do the right thing, the great thing. But because he wants to do it in his own strength, he is fighting not with man, but with God.”

Soren A. Kierkegaard

“There are two circumstances that lead to arrogance: one is when you’re wrong and you can’t face it; the other is when you’re right and nobody else can face it.”

Criss Jami

“Being different is a revolving door in your life where secure people enter and insecure exit.”

Shannon L. Alder
Pride Quotes

“You wear your honor like a suit of armor… You think it keeps you safe, but all it does is weigh you down and make it hard for you to move.”

George R.R. Martin

“Your pride for your country should not come after your country becomes great; your country becomes great because of your pride in it.”

Idowu Koyenikan

“Yes, vanity is a weakness indeed. But pride – where there is a real superiority of mind, pride will be always under good regulation.”

Jane Austen

“Proud people breed sad sorrows for themselves.”

Emily Brontë

“I am the Cat who walks by himself, and all places are alike to me.”

Rudyard Kipling

“Curiosity is only vanity. We usually only want to know something so that we can talk about it.”

Blaise Pascal

“We’ve got to have rules and obey them. After all, we’re not savages. We’re English, and the English are best at everything.”

William Golding
Pride Quotes

“I find I am much prouder of the victory I obtain over myself, when, in the very ardor of dispute, I make myself submit to my adversary’s force of reason, than I am pleased with the victory I obtain over him through his weakness.”

Michel de Montaigne

Behind every argument lies someone’s ignorance.

Louis D. Brandeis

Once you reach the top, take care as the only way left to go is down.

Darren Bateman

One man may be more cunning than another, but not more cunning than everybody else.

Benjamin Franklin

Pride is as loud a beggar as want, and a great deal more saucy. When you have bought one fine thing, you must buy ten more, that your appearance may be all of a piece; but it is easier to suppress the first desire than to satisfy all that follow it.

Benjamin Franklin

The devil wipes his breech with poor folks’ pride.

Benjamin Franklin
Pride Quotes

The higher you climb, the heavier you fall.

Vietnamese (on pride)

A proud man is always looking down on things and people; and, of course, as long as you are looking down, you cannot see something that is above you

C.S. Lewis

Pride gets no pleasure out of having something, only out of having more of it than the next man… It is the comparison that makes you proud: the pleasure of being above the rest. Once the element of competition is gone, pride is gone.

C.S. Lewis

The proud person always wants to do the right thing, the great thing. But because he wants to do it in his own strength, he is fighting not with man, but with God.

Soren Kierkegaard

Pride Quotes Love

Love is the most important thing to be had in our life. We must be proud of our love and partner, but we must not indulge in that depth in Pride that we can not get ourselves out; otherwise, this Pride will make us blind, and we will lose our love. Instead, we should lose our pride when we are in love and relationship, but we must not create such circumstances harmful for love and connection.

We should learn how to get rid of pride and ego, when we are in love, because if we can not swallow our pride, then it is an indication that we are not really up for our love, but it’s just a temporary affection.

Sometimes, we like someone and dying to be with them, but we can not express our love and feelings due to pride and ego, and we kill our love over pride and ago for sometimes.

Here you can read some Pride quotes love and pride quotes in relationships that will give you the courage to understand the importance of love and help you put your ego and pride aside and tell your partner how much you love them. Along with, there are some too much pride quotes in relationships as well.

We are rarely proud when we are alone.


Proud people breed sad sorrows for themselves.

Emily Bronte

God opposes the proud, but gives grace to the humble.

Holy Bible, James 4:6

Pride is pleasure arising from a man’s thinking too highly of himself.

Baruch Spinoza

Through pride we are ever deceiving ourselves. But deep down below the surface of the average conscience a still, small voice says to us, something is out of tune.

Carl Jung

Never look down on anybody unless you are helping them up.

Jesse Jackson
Pride Quotes

Most of the trouble in the world is caused by people wanting to be important.

T. S. Eliot

Pride is a personal commitment. It is an attitude which separates excellence from mediocrity.


Airs of importance are the credentials of impotence.

Johann Kaspar Lavater

Pride is the mask of one’s own faults.


In general, pride is at the bottom of all great mistakes.

John Ruskin

Pride helps us; and pride is not a bad thing when it only urges us to hide our own hurts, not to hurt others.

George Eliot

Pride must die in you, or nothing of heaven can live in you.

Andrew Murray

Pride makes us long for a solution to things – a solution, a purpose, a final cause; but the better telescopes become, the more stars appear.

Julian Barnes,Flaubert’s Parrot

The proud wish God would agree with them. They are not interested in changing their opinions to agree with God’s.

Ezra Taft Benson
Pride Quotes

Pride is the mother of arrogance.

Toba Beta

He who imagines he can do without the world deceives himself much; but he who fancies the world cannot do without him is still more mistaken.

Francois de la Rochefoucauld

Pride gets no pleasure out of having something, only out of having more of it than the next man.

C.S. Lewis quotes

It is more often from ‘pride’ than from ignorance that we are so obstinately opposed to current opinions; we find the first places taken, and we do not want to be the last.

Franois de la Rochefoucauld

There is nothing that will kill a man so soon as having nobody to find fault with but himself.

George Eliot

To know a man, observe how he wins his object, rather than how he loses it; for when we fail our pride supports us; when we succeed, it betrays us.

Charles Caleb Coltoz

Pride is seldom delicate; it will please itself with very mean advantages.

Samuel Johnson

Pride goeth before destruction, and an haughty spirit before a fall.


Pride Kills Quotes

All of us have some pride, and we call it self respect, but we lose our most important relationships and essential friends in the illusion of self-respect. We must have some thoughts and wise words that will help us to kill our pride.

Most relationships fail because people fight over their little pride instead of giving up on their satisfaction and work on their relationships. Sometimes, we can save our relationships by saying a sorry, and we can be the same happy couples we used to be, but we prefer to live with our pride and ego, but not with the love of our life and happiness, not knowing that later most important.

In a relationship or love, sometimes we commit some wrong things that are fine, what hurt our relationship is when we don’t admit our mistake and don’t say sorry, and our pride swallows our relationship.

Here you will read several pride kill quotes, woman pride quotes, woman pride quotes, taking pride quotes and pride quotes movie to help you with your pride issue in relationships and love.

Pride sullies the noblest character.


In pride, in reasoning pride, our error lies; All quit their sphere and rush into the skies. Pride still is aiming at the bless’d abodes, Men would be angels, angels would be gods.

Alexander Pope

Pride is an admission of weakness; it secretly fears all competition and dreads all rivals.

Fulton J. Sheen

The infinitely little have a pride infinitely great.


Friends, show me a man who hates himself, and I’ll show you a man who hates his neighbors more! He’d have to–you’d not grant anyone else something you can’t have for yourself–no love, no kindness, no respect!

Mary Ann Shaffer

“Love isn’t something you find. Love is something that finds you.”

Loretta Young
Pride Quotes

“Love is friendship that has caught fire. It is quiet understanding, mutual confidence, sharing and forgiving, loyalty through good and bad times. It settles for less than perfection and makes allowances for human weaknesses.”

Ann Landers

“Sometimes the heart sees what is invisible to the eye.”

H. Jackson Brown, Jr.

“I have decided to stick with love. Hate is too great a burden to bear.”

Martin Luther King, Jr.

“The best thing to hold onto in life is each other.”

Audrey Hepburn

“The most powerful weapon on earth is the human soul on fire.”

Ferdinand Foch

“Love is the best thing in the world, and the thing that lives the longest.”

Henry Van Dyke
Pride Quotes

“Love is like a friendship caught on fire. In the beginning a flame, very pretty, often hot and fierce, but still only light and flickering. As love grows older, our hearts mature and our love becomes as coals, deep-burning and unquenchable.”

Bruce Lee

When you are full of pride on the inside, it makes you stiff, stubborn, and creates strife with others.

John C. Maxwell

Pride Quotes For Pinterest

Here you will find some Pride Quotes for Pinterest with beautiful and attractive backgrounds and images.

I have come to the conclusion that it’s a waste of time to have too much pride in anything. Perhaps it’s good to have a sense of duty, a jealous zeal to protect or improve, but pride ultimately is only that which stands vulnerable to offense and degradation.

Henry Rollins

A man’s pride can be his downfall, and he needs to learn when to turn to others for support and guidance.

Bear Grylls

Pride slays thanksgiving, but a humble mind is the soil out of which thanks naturally grow. A proud man is seldom a grateful man, for he never thinks he gets as much as he deserves.

Henry Ward Beecher

Pride deafens us to the advice or warnings of those around us.

John C. Maxwell

Leaders who fail to prune their pride will meet demise. That’s not a guess, it’s a guarantee. With pride, it’s not a matter of ‘if’ we will fall, but ‘when.’ There are no exceptions.

John C. Maxwell

Pride is the chalice into which all human sins are poured: it glitters and jingles and its arabesque lures your gaze, while your lips involuntarily touch the seductive beverage.

Vladimir Odoevsky

One’s self-satisfaction is an untaxed kind of property which it is very unpleasant to find deprecated.

George Eliot
Pride Quotes

As long as you set yourself up as a little god to which you must be loyal there will be those who will delight to offer affront to your idol.

A.W. Tozer

Which Quote from the Pride Quotes you like most? If these Quotes give you goosebumps. So, share them with your friends and love ones to inspire them, and feel the same. We would like to hear from you in the comment box below.

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