Dr Doom Quotes

Dr Doom Quotes

Dr Doom Quotes are not from any movie or series hero, but Dr Doom Quotes are the dialogues and lines said by a villain. Dr Doom has many skills and tactics of fights, and this makes him self-centred and selfish. Doom’s personality and his stories give us many memorable and exciting quotes.

We have gathered several Dr Doom Quotes to amaze you with the wise words of the best armour in the Marvel Universe, and these Dr Doom Quotes will help you understand the philosophy behind his skills and ego.

80+ Dr Doom Quotes about Ego, Armor Skills and Personality with Images

In Fantastic Four Annual # 2, doom first appeared on the screen when his creator Jack Kirby and Stan Lee, started telling a story. Ed Brubaker & Pablo Raimondi updated the previous doom’s account with the help of a mini-series Books of Doom in 2005. Finally, doom came on the screen with his iconic armour after the spending of his remote abbey in the region of the Himalayas. You will read some Dr Doom Quotes Reddit, and Dr Doom Quotes umvc3.

Dr Strange and Dr Doom acted in the Triumph and Torment directed and produced by Roger Stern; they took part in a contest to finalize the next Sorcerer Supreme in the graphic novel. Dr Strange won and retained his title in the competition, but Dr Doom was runner up, but according to the pre-contest conditions, Dr Doom had to ask for a favour of the victor. You will read some doctor doom powers quotes and how powerful is dr doom quotes.

Dr Doom requested Strange to help him rescue the soul of his mother, Cynthia Von Doom. Upon his request, Strange asked him why he never asked him for help, doom’s ego shined through, and he replied even his mother’s salvation is not worthy enough to request someone and put himself before someone. You will read some of Dr Doom Strongest form quotes and Dr Doom Quotes.

In the second season of The Avengers: Earth’s Mightiest Heroes, Doom could not show his villainous powers properly during the whole series. Instead, he works out to stop the invasion of Skrull, and finally, at the end of the season, he gives the powers to undo Skrull’s shape-shifting. You will read some dr doom quotes and God Emperor doom quotes.

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Doom opposes the Skrulls, but he also helps the heroes boost their powers against the aliens and helps them in other ways, too, because he doesn’t like aliens to control the earth. He wants to rule the world himself. You can read some God Emperor doom quotes and dr doom power ranking.

At the end of the story, doom realizes that he made a mistake when he chose science over magic. He tries to defeat Richards with the help of science and his ways, but he has to face failure. So, he ends up making a pact with a cabal of demons to give him enhanced skills, but nothing is free, and all the deals come with a price. You can read some facts of how powerful is dr doom and dr doom strongest form quotes.

We have gathered several Dr Doom Quotes and Dr Doom Power Ranking Quotes.

“Doctor Doom Does Not Beg.”

“Pain? That Is For Lesser Men. From This Day On I Know No Pain.”

“You, The Legendary Bravest Of The Brave, Shall Live Out The Rest Of Your Days In Abject Fear…”

“This World Is Mine To Rule, And Mine Alone. These… Reptiles May Not Have It.”

“Dear, Dear Valeria. I Will Miss You More Than Any Will Ever Imagine… But I Will Always Hold You Close To Me.”

“Doom Is No Man’s Second Choice.”

“Now, Let Mankind Beware, For Doctor Doom Has Attained Powers Without Limit – Power Enough To Challenge Galactus Himself!”

“Imagine, I Now Possess The Power To End Hunger…”

“Miss Van Dyne, I Am Not Some Common Criminal That Can Be Distracted By Your Prattling…”

“I Was A God, Valeria. I Found It… Beneath Me.”

I’ve failed! I’ve been defeated– by the accursed Fantastic Four!

The world must not lose a magnificent brain like mine

Before this day is ended, mankind shall grovel helplessly at my feet — and, as fate has obviously ordained — Doctor Doom shall be Master of Earth

So then never let it be said Doctor Doom was a poor loser

The welfare of my people is ever closest to my heart! What a pity I am so often forced to save you from yourselves! That is why my invincible robot army stands guard both night and day!

Now that you are powerless — you shall be treated the same as all my beloved subjects — you will obey every order — and be punished for every infraction – for the rest of your natural lives!

Permit me to salute your courage, Richards! A pity you have not the power to match it!

The star Doom follows beckons only to him… and none other!

Few men are as subtle as Doctor Doom!

Today, I make no demands… no threats! But, one day, I shall voice demands — and all shall obey them!

You’ll rue the day you ever heard the name Dr. Doom!

Yet other enemies will come! Other battles will be fought! But no matter who the foe…what the danger…Victory will be mine… for now, and for always!

Dolts! Such insolence will not go unpunished!

Latveria is European, Mr. Cage– I have no black subjects, and– sad to say– no one ever emigrates to my land. Thus, in order to pursue them unobtrusively– for I am not welcome in the United States– I needed a black, and I needed to hire him. Enter, Luke Cage

I am more than amused by the prospect of a battle of wits … though I fear that with you as an opponent… the struggle might well be brief.

Perhaps we are natural allies after all

Farewell my companions — When next we meet — it will be as foes!

Your life hangs on a thread to be cut short on Doom’s command!

The duel is done Skull! And the victory… Doom’s!

Only Doom dares to dream! All others serve!

It is time to clear the board of unfinished gambits, and put the remaining pieces… away. […] You see, my sense of fair play extends only to the limits of the match — and now that the game has concluded, I have no qualms whatsoever about multiplying the odds… in my favor.

Am I always to be plagued by that accursed quartet?

Morgana Le Fey, you are a remarkable woman. Were you but a product of my own time.

But, to destroy you thus would be a petty victory indeed — and Doom is never petty

Rivals… No one rivals Doom! NO ONE! Doom is supreme! There is no power on earth, no intellect in all creation to equal Mine!

The Beyonder is dead! Now, the supreme being in the universe… is Doom!

One of the most sophisticated robots I’ve ever created! I shall mourn your passing.

If the nations of the Earth cannot stop squabbling like spoiled children long enough to control the forces they have so foolishly unleashed — then Doom shall take their deadly toys away from them!

As for the Wizard, he takes excessive pride in his invention of antigravity drives – an achievement I accomplished while I was a youth. Besides, how can I take anyone seriously who voluntarily takes the Trapster as a partner?

From our previous encounter, lackey, I owe you vengeance.

Do not let your idle tongue undo your small successes.

Do you truly believe Von Doom embarks upon the least of his plans without calculating the smallest detail?

Your words lack vision, Kang, but you will soon learn the meaning of ultimate power!

Rise, Magneto. Do not cower. You shame yourself. How dare two such as we succumb to the terror that has so paralyzed others? Fear is for lesser men.

No man speaks to Doom this way. Even Captain America.

Richards! The world is truly coming to an end! Must activate the chrono-displacement machine while there’s still ti–

Knowledge is power. In all the universe there is no greater truth. And I do not intend to share it!

SCREAM, you pitiful fools! Your torment increases the power of Doom! Together we shall teach the Fantastic Four that they have nothing to fear but FEAR ITSELF!

Behold the new sun that soars in the heavens! Gaze upon the great and terrible star whose name is Doom!

To escape it, or to simply use it, Richards must think like me. To think like me, is ultimately to become me.

You plead in vain, Richards. It was a test before, to determine who held true sway over your soul… …the Dreamer. Or the despot… …and you failed!

This game shall soon reach its inevitable conclusion — — and the final triumph shall belong to Doctor Doom!

I had expected my moment of victory to be more…satisfying……but perhaps repaying you for years of treachery, for the ultimate cruelty of tampering with my laborious calculations upon our first meeting……will grant me peace of mind whereas merely defeating my most worthy of foes does not!

My life is changing. When I was young, I made a fateful choice. I chose science over sorcery. And I wanted to choose again. Thus, I made a pact. I conjured a cabal of netherdemons who claimed they would make me the magician I could have been… and greater besides. But as is too often true demons, there was a barter involved. One condition. I had to sacrifice something of indescribable value. Something irreplaceable. Something only you could give me. Farewell, my love. Dear, dear Valeria. I will miss you more than any will ever imagine… …but I will always hold you close to me

Unleash your technological marvels. Bring your vaunted scientific brilliance to bear. Do your worst

Any rational man evaluating what you’ve just claimed would have to see the truth: This is your prison… and I am your jailer

And so I escaped to America. Where I would lose everything.

You are a fool, Benjamin Grimm. I crawled through hell itself to get here. Do you really think you and your outgunned comrades are going to stop me when I’m this close to my goal?

A lot more people hate you than hate me.

Compassion can be useful, when properly manipulated. But not when it rules one’s judgement. And that will ever be your weakness.

So come forth, Avenger. It is time to put our lingering dispute… to an end!

I am an infinitely superior being now, Richards. All questions of rivalry with you are settled. Infinite pain is a welcome price to pay.

For all I’ve done, for all I am, I’m still mortal. If these — procedures — will allow me to gain immortality, then there will be nothing I cannot accomplish.

Consider that your one stroke of luck. You may now have minutes to live instead of seconds.

T’Challa thinks that he has set a trap for me. Tricked me into the open. But in his arrogance he has played into my trap. And as a result I have done what no one else has managed in ten thousand years. I’ve conquered Wakanda.

This is a power beyond anyone’s control. A power that cannot remain mine. Just as they did for Wolverine and Spider-Man, my own self doubt and my fears will attain reality… given life by the chaos of my mind… fueled by the Beyonder’s powers, and these doubts will defeat me.

My methods are a means to an end, no different than pruning weeds in order to let an orchid flourish. Those who stand in the way of my vision oppose me because they fear me, but more than that they fear what I represent. Change. Do you know why I despise Richards? And T’Challa? Because never once they reined in their own self-righteous arrogance long enough to try and see what I see

Never once have they asked me: Why? Do you want to know? Love. Measure my crimes against what mankind does to itself, and I am a saint. Homo sapiens are a predator species. It’s what brought us down from the trees, and it’s what will ultimately reduce us to a historical footnote in cosmic history.

Global conflict ends. Hunger is abolished, education is universal, and no one goes without. In that world, there are laws. To break even the slightest of these is to suffer immediate and terminal punishment. After a while, no one would dare lay hands upon the innocent, or commit a crime of hate, or steal bread from the table of another. Ten thousand futures have I looked at. A hundred thousand. And in only one does mankind finally unite, and flourish… and survive. Only one. Doomworld.

Why do they look like me? Doesn’t it create the possibility that I am one? That Doom may, at any moment, be a mere machine? That I am not myself? Of course it does. That is how I wish it. I once let Arcade strike a match on me, just to mantain that confusion. Think, boy. If I am ever defeated, or dishonored– If I ever act in ways unworthy of myself..

If I ever die… The word goes out: “It must have been a Doombot.” And the reverse is true. My robots often fool my foes– I may be a robot now, speaking these words. How would you know? How would I? What is Doom? The flesh and blood that I can swap in and out of at my convenience? The mind I have copied to a thousand machines? No. Doom cannot fit in such small containers. I am not my body.

Now? Now those who believe they can manufacture doom will face Doom himself.

Ask yourself that question. Or better still, ask who that is sharing your mind… Malice.

Dr Doom Strongest Form

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Family. Family is the most important thing there is… And I have been a bad father. I have failed my people, my son, my country… I’ve gone too far. In my quest for power I’ve destroyed many lives… I’ve dissolved the sacred bond of family time and time again. No more! My misdeeds are many, but I’ll not let their enormity hold me back.

And I say, no one will ever hear the word Beyonder again… For I will erase your name from history. You dared to test us… You dared to toy with us… I dare to throw back in your face. Damn your cause. Damn the cost. You will certainly die this… No… No… No!

I made you regent of this domain because you are royal. You understand this to rule, and the power you and your Inhumans gain through exposure to Terrigen Crystals means you are equipped to enforce that rule. But there are many, in many realms, who would take your seat in an instant, if you were to lose favor in my eyes.

Fail in this task I have set you, Medusa, and they will have their chance. New Attilan is crucial. To me, and to the safety and security of Battleworld. Only a ruler strong enough to keep it safe will be permitted to keep it at all. And the weak… The weak become meat for the beasts beyond the Shield.

There is no flaw in the world — it is the world I wanted. But my people are restless because I fail to properly inspire them. I am a poor god. I think now that once having made the world, I should have removed myself. Perhaps the gods of old had it right… It is better to be unseen– demanding faith, and beyond being defined by the mundane. I’m beginning to think that in my perfect world… I am the one flawed thing.

Undying love and eternal patience are not the same thing, child. Do not confuse them. I need you to find these people. I need you to catch them. And I need you to do it without asking any more questions.

Your rodent army cannot help you now. And without them, you are nothing: an insect far beneath my notice. Goodbye, Squirrel Girl. You shall not trouble me again.

The life of an adventurer, an Avenger, a knight is, by percentages, a shorter one.

My apologies. Making sure no harm will come to others is relatively new to me.

I was God, and… and yet, I was unchanged. I was not one with the universe. I was not content, had pushed myself for this for so much of my life only to discover it was a fool’s quest. So I fell back to Earth… forced to confront my true self… to rethink my purpose in this life. And it was then that a sudden and simply notion struck me. It knocked me to my knees. If the selfish act of ultimate power was not my calling… then maybe the opposite could be true.

There is a professor named Angela Kror who would be an excellent chancellor to you and could help put together a proper government structure… so you could then relinquish control of the streets and let the people build Latveria for themselves. I was able to vet her as a perfect candidate in the five seconds while we stood here. You should have done that the second day you were put in power.

If I thought my time would be best spent behind bars for my crimes, if I thought I would learn something more profound than what I have already learned… I would gladly put myself away. But… I think we can all agree, I can do far more to right my wrongs from out here.

My shame is that I could have done this so many years ago, had I seen things with a clear mind.

You keep calling me Doctor Doom… I am Iron Man.

Doom would know why you lured the accursed Reed Richards and his team to Wakanda.

As an expert in such things, I believe a death trap awaits us.

And so begins our war — against the Devourer of Worlds!

People of Earth, I give you my word this is the last time I shall interrupt your programming and petty distractions.

Before you would have had such merciful deaths. Now, the honor of Doom demands I make examples of you. Your slow, agonizing ends will be the stuff of legend especially yours, Susan.

When we began you said you’d deduced this future mathematically. But then you said I was God and that this future was not certain. I argued that there is no best possible world. That there are many outcomes. Which is what you wanted me to do. You played Devil’s advocate, wanted me to see infinite paths. You want me to reject this future.

Fate has brought you here to my island. Young Franklin has been experiencing problems with his abilities, and I intend to do what his father refuses to or simply cannot do… fix him.

Greatness is cursed with enemies, young Kate. My history speaks to that. Of people attacking me and my citizens unjustly, for example… it appears your fellow mutants disobeyed my request. Not only that… they just murdered a Latverian. Unconscionable. Unjustifiable. Unforgivable.

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No man speaks to Doom this way. Even Captain America.

Dolts! Such insolence will not go unpunished!

Pain is like love — like compassion! It is a thing only for lesser men. What is pain to Doom?

The King of Latveria is no common murderer. If I cannot magnificently win a victory, it affords me no pleasure to merely slay a foe.

Your fortuitous arrival is most welcome! Now, I am spared the bother of hunting you down!

The world must not lose a magnificent brain like mine!

The clapping shall go on for another hour. Have the first one who stops clapping brought out and shot.

You dare to impugn my honesty? I, the Lord of Latveria? The mightiest of monarchs?

Before this day is ended, mankind shall grovel helplessly at my feet — and, as fate has obviously ordained — Doctor Doom shall be Master of Earth!

Show me the puny mortal who does not tremble at the name of Doctor Doom!

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