Dave Strider Quotes

Dave Strider Quotes

Dave Strider Quotes are from one of the main characters of a comical series of ‘Homestuck.’ The character in this series is obsessed with being cool. He takes the comics to the next level, and all the readers can experience and enjoy the new depths of comics. The thing that will amaze you about this series is that it is created with the help of Microsoft Paint.

Homestuck series gets a different level of love and appreciation from its fans and audience; millions of memes and jokes are viral on the internet. The fun fact is that Homestuck Paint Adventures, animated and written by Andrew Hussie, is one of the most extended Microsoft Paint series and one of the top four of Paint Adventures; the story of this series is about a boy and his four friends who play a game together.

We have gathered several Dave Strider Quotes that will help you gain insight into the character and learn some unrevealed facts about the characters. These Dave Strider quotes will make you understand the characters of the Homestuck series better and help join dots for the appreciation of the comics in a better way.

100+ Comical Dave Strider Quotes about Characters, rap, and Monologue

Life is all about ups and downs, good and evil; a different times, we have other emotions and feelings, which makes us weak but strong. When we are going through some pretty nasty stuff and have tough times digesting different hard things, we do our best to pass these moments, so we develop other techniques and strategies to go along that make us strong and durable. You will read some Dave Strider Quotes, Dave Strider rap quotes, and dave strider monologue here.

The Homestuck comic series spread smiles on our faces and help us to deal with our grieves. If you are having a pretty rough day and tired of struggles and struggles, you must choose one book of the series to cheer yourself up, and this will make you forget your worries for a while, and you can invest your time in something good. You can read some dave strider quotes, dave strider rap quotes and dave strider quotes monologue.

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Whatever people doing in their life, if they are nasty or good, they are happy or sad, ultimately at the end of the day, good people will be satisfied and content, but the wicked and impious people will be miserable. Albeit, you are having a pretty tough day, if you invest well in your life, you will get good at the end; if your intentions are pure, you will not regret being good. So believe in yourself and keep doing good stuff in your life and your society. You will read some hilarious dave strider quotes here that will bring a smile to your face and encourage you to do good things for yourself and others.

Don’t worry, miss. You have a Strider now; everything’ll be just fine.

It is right that the good should be happy, that the wicked and the impious, on the other hand, should be miserable; that is a truth, I believe, which no one will gainsay

My bro taught me a few tricks; he basically knows everything and is awesome!

You figure you’ll cool it on the time travel for a while. Don’t want to see the Dave corpses start to pile up. Especially if one of them winds up being you.

Just one of those little joys in life you take for granted you know this miraculous gift of vision.

Hope you like hammers, dude!

God so beautiful to look at with my perfect eyesight

Hammerkind? Ok, that will be the permanent allocation for your specibus. I guess I should have mentioned that.

“Anyway, guess I’ll go back down and burn that book.”

“You two have always been like this scheming giggling enigma huddled together in peapod for hella self-tickled murderdorks.”

“Oh hell! That is such a coincidence. I just found an unopened container of apple juice in my closet. It is like…Christmas up in here.”

“Did you try to draw shades on his face and miss what even the point is? He’s already wearing shades.”

“Couldn’t for the life of me figure out what you’ve been getting up to on that meteor.”

“Also, Fred Savage has a really punchable face.”

“What’s so hard about apple juice, it’s like the most basic goddamn juice, it’s like the square one of juice.”

“But in situations like this, I think you need to remind yourself there’s only so much you can do for somebody.”

“Maybe they aren’t going to want or need your help, and you just have to figure out how to deal with that.”

“You would still be all coy, like Is it a date or isn’t it? Hmm, who can really say for sure?”

“Like, at some point in your life, one of your friends might start spending all her time with a guy you think is bad news.”

“You figure you’ll cool it on the time travel for a while. Don’t want to see the Dave corpses start to pile up. Especially if one of them winds up being you.”

You figure you’ll cool it on the time travel for a while. Don’t want to see the Dave corpses start to pile up. Especially if one of them winds up being you.

My bro taught me a few tricks, he basically knows everything and is awesome!

Don’t worry, miss. You have a Strider now, everything’ll be just fine.

Just one of those little joys in life you take for granted you know this miraculous gift of vision.

I could give myself a hernia trying to be as big a douche as that guy

God so beautiful to look at with my perfect eyesight.

Oh hell! That is such a coincidence I just found an unopened container of apple juice in my closet. It is like fucking Christmas up in here.

Wow! You really suck at this, don’t you?

Anyway, guess I’ll go back down and burn that book.

Did you try to draw shades on his face and miss whats even the point? He’s already wearing shades.

Hammerkind? Ok, that will be the permanent allocation for your specibus. I guess I should have mentioned that. Hope you like hammers dude!

I don’t really know a lot of famous people. I’ve met a lot of famous people. If I ran into Tom Hanks today, I would have to remind him who I was and he would then remember me. But he wouldn’t come up to me and say, Hi Dave!

I like a lot of the stuff that they did without me, the time I wasn’t around.

I’m doing a lot of touring and things have been really busy for me.

There’s a lot of down time on the road. That part of it I really don’t enjoy. There’s nothing to do.

What distresses me at times is that I meet a lot of people in their 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, who still say they’re a victim of child abuse.

People that have had genuine abduction experiences that I’ve met that seem very genuine to me, but they’re just confused about why it happened. I’ve met a lot of people like which I regard as being very genuine… but there’s a lot of crazy people out there.

I felt in a lot of instances I was deliberately being put through stress because when you’re a guy who generates money, people have a vested interested in controlling you.

I can understand how some people might resent me for having the audacity to continue playing music, but it’d take a lot more than that to stop me from doing it. And I started Foo Fighters because I didn’t want to retreat.

You know, men and women are a lot alike in certain situations. Like when they’re both on fire – they’re exactly alike.

There are a lot of people who influenced me, nurtured me, helped me along the way. But I can just recall looking back, the first time I got my baseball glove. Put it on the wrong hand, all those kind of things.

I think there is great interest amongst the younger people in this music. I think that there is a lot of them that are looking for interesting situations and music that is stimulating.

Only one of us would usually sing lead. Which most of the time was, Mickey or Dave. They thought it was perfectly a natural routine, because Mickey and Dave saw themselves as TV actors.

A lot of people that embark on spiritual endeavors tended to, especially in the ’60s and ’70s, they tended to give up what they had before and cut themselves off from their lives, previous life as it were. But, I don’t think that one should do that.

I printed a list of Irish names from the Internet and my husband, Dave, saw Finley on the list. I really liked it but didn’t want to scare Dave off with my enthusiasm. So I used a little reverse psychology and let him think it was his idea.

At the moment I have my family coming out with me on the road. We have our own vehicle and it’s more like a family vacation. I just stop, do some gigs, and take off. It’s a lot more fun now with the family.

We can talk about Manchester! I like coming here, it’s a wicked city. It’s my second favourite city in England after London. I like Liverpool too but there’s a lot more to do in Manchester.

I’ve chosen my wedding ring large and heavy to continue forever. But exactly because of that all the time that Dave and I have an argument I feel it like handcuffs, and on anger time I throw it in a basket. Poor Dave, he bought me three wedding rings already!

Dave Strider Rap Quotes

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I ain’t have a lot so I brag a lot, when I got a lot, I pop a lot. I bought a drop, bought some pu…, get head in the parking lot.

I feel a lot more comfortable being me these days. I’m constantly told that my work is good. A lot of fans and a lot of other artists say my songs and albums mean a lot to them. Isn’t that what’s important?

There is a lot to be learned. There is a lot to be experienced. There is a lot to be gained, And there is a lot to be realized. But most of all there is a lot to be thankful and grateful for. There is no greater wealth in the world.

kind of a nice change of pace from everything… not hectic, very serene, very pretty, a lot of nature, a lot of hills and mountains and beautiful countryside. it was very relaxing. We had a lot of fun and drank a lot of red wine.

You know a lot of what worked on this was taken from Harry Potter 2, the little Doby character, we had a lot of our skin stuff worked out and that helped a lot. We have a lot of exchange happening.

Talking to the doctor helped us a lot. We got a lot of stuff off our chests. A lot of guys were holding things inside, and we were all frustrated. We cleared a lot of things up.

I sure saw a lot of kids that I’m sure didn’t know a lot about us, or we were definitely new to them. The kids who came up to me afterward, we’d talk about music, sign a lot of autographs. So I’m sure we made a lot of new fans.

It was very instrumental because, like I said, that was my largest audience, and I started meeting a lot of people up there; a lot of producers, a lot of artists, a lot of different record company executives. I politicked my way [up] and started learning. So it was real crucial.

Every time that we’d do something funny Ferrell would accidentally like hit the camera or lose the film. Hair in the gate, all that crap. We did get to do a lot of stuff, a lot of stuff that I remember being genius, but we got to play around a lot. We improvised a lot of stuff too so that was fun.

Hes grown on me a lot more now that he has a kid with my sister and hes had to mature a lot more. A lot of people dont like him because hes into himself and wears suits, but hes a good guy. And Ive seen him grow up a lot.

But music raises a lot of issues. Music is something that matters to people a lot, and they put a lot of passion into it. And I think when you have an area like that, you’re gonna find a lot of issues coming up.

Being on Broadway is the modern equivalent of being a monk. I sleep a lot, eat a lot, and rest a lot.

Being on Broadway is the modern equivalent of being a monk. I sleep a lot, eat a lot, and rest a lot.

The downfall of the industry is that there is a lot of pressure in it, a lot of rejection in it and a lot of competition in it. It’s a whole mess.

Besides my big boobs, it is probably my hourglass shape that is my best feature. I play off of that a lot. I like that I have a lot on top and a lot on the bottom.

It’s like we got a big state right here and we got Louisiana, too. That’s a lot of people. That’s a lot of different retail stores and you can make a lot of money off of that alone.

Most correspondents came from the former colonial powers – there were British, French, and a lot of Italians, because there were a lot of Italian communities there. And of course there were a lot of Russians.

It doesn’t really change, actually. I think The Rolling Stones have gotten a lot better. An awful lot better, I think. A lot of people don’t, but I think they have, and to me that’s gratifying. It’s worth it.

A lot of people enjoyed the film ‘Haywire’ and a lot of people have mixed feelings on it but regardless, a lot of people have said really wonderful things about it being my first experience, that the fighting they absolutely enjoyed. So I think I’ve gotten a lot more fans, actually.

Dave Strider Quotes for Pinterest

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Growing up in Florida, it rained a lot, so we spent a lot of time indoors. I used to love Frogger. I got a lot of use out of that and Ms. Pac-man on my little Atari.

I’m fascinated by rap and by hip-hop. I think there’s a lot of poetry in it. There’s a lot of anger, a lot of social energy in it. And I think you’d better listen to it pretty carefully, ’cause it’s important.

I think it is the weak and the young and the minorities that you need to look after to get a healthy creative environment – to get a lot of choices, a lot of different styles of music, a lot experimental stuff that everyone else feeds off.

I dont look at my schedule because I would freak out, It looks like a lot on paper and it really is a lot. But its a whole lot of what I love. I just did a tour in Europe and it was really hectic. Every time I got in the car, I would ask my mom, Whats next…fans or business?

Lois is finding herself more, and she definitely is becoming that journalist that everyone loves. She’s brushing shoulders with Clark a lot, so we have a lot of fun interplay. She’ll go to investigate something, thinking that she’s the one solving the problem, and meanwhile he’s speeding around saving her a lot. It’s quite funny.

I want to work a lot with myself. And write a lot myself. I will be working with a lot of other producers and stuff like that, but Im just writing a lot, writing on tour. writing about how I feel and producing. Ive been producing on my laptop and on my computer. Ive been really into it and, hopefully, this next album will be huge.

I think that there’s a lot more freedom in the low budget, the independent films where, unfortunately, you don’t have the money, necessarily, to get the orchestras in there to play a lot of stuff. But, you have a lot more freedom, very often.

A lot of things happened in a lot of places. And to see how well it was handled in Atlanta. There are a lot of reasons for Atlanta being a special town in the Civil Rights era.

When people in music think of success Its millions of dollars , mansions, A lot of grammys, a lot of women etc. So a lot of people think luxury living is when you have made it when its necessarily not.

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