Captain Price Quotes

Captain Price Quotes

Captain Price Quotes are here from Modern Warfare to help you understand the modern strategies and war techniques. Captain Price is a name of blunt warmth, which former Hollyoaks serial killer Barry Solane has played. He inspires the new Modern Warfare with the energy of an uncle on Boxing day. Here we have gathered all Captain Price Quotes.

All Captain Price Quotes About War, Confidence, Moral Value, and Decisions

Moral ambiguity has always been an essential ingredient that makes Modern Warfare. Modern Warfare has consisted of the series that is concerned itself to achieve a level where one has to make life or death decisions under the nerve taking pressure.

In the classic 2007 mission Death From Above, sometimes the distance becomes the reason for the unease. If you stare through the thermal imaging equipment of an AC-130 Spectre gunship, then you will know the pain of the pinpricks. You can read Captain Price Quotes warzone, Captain Price Quotes going dark, and Captain Price Quotes we get dirty.

Captain Price has to split the ambiguity with confidence; he becomes the right decision model. In the COD campaign, he is presented with the trolly problem where the decision is hard to make if Price has to a strapped innocent man with explosives from the balcony, and in doing so, he can save the lives the several others.

However, it is not only the filth of the action performed by the sentence but also an implicit sacrifice. By becoming a state-approved killer, you are giving up a part of yourself to keep the world clean. For Western listeners, the message is clear: someone is in a moral dilemma so that we don’t get tested, and we should be thankful.

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Since Modern Warfare 2007, sacrifice has become moral. The enemy becomes less distinct, and the reason is less apparent, which is why the novel series discovers a strange sense of nobility when it does terrible things for others’ good.

The heroes do not sacrifice themselves, but their humanity. In the history of the game, this escape clause is becoming more and more familiar. The Walking Dead started the game as a murderer and was condemned by society. Only his leadership in Clémentine can make further murders acceptable.

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“They say truth is the first causality of war.”

Captain Price

“There is a simplicity to war. Attacking is the only secret. Dare- and the world yields. How quickly they forget that all it takes to change the course of history… is the will of a single man.”

Captain Price

“Just another day at the office.”

Captain Price

“You speak for yourself” “You draw the line, whenever you need it soldier” “Bravo 6, going dark” “If you can’t identify the target, you are the target” “We’re all a bit crazy”

Whatever advice you give, be brief


War can be so impersonal yet when we put a name, a face, a place and match it to families, then war is not impersonal

Dennis Kucinich

But I also felt gloomy, dispirited, aware that if I stayed my life would be too deeply touched by these people. I would, in the end, become one of them.

Knowledge advances as much through negative results and thwarted hypotheses as it does by theories that prove to be correct.

I loved this woman. You can’t just turn off that kind of feeling. But I loved a person who didn’t exist. I loved someone Diana was pretending to be. Maybe the signs were there, but I refused to see them. Maybe I didn’t want to see them

James Patterson

Why is it so hard for women to find men who are sensitive, caring, and good-looking? A: Because those men already have boyfriends

Be strong. Overflow with emotional and intellectual energy, and you will spread your intelligence, your love, your energy of action broadcast among others! This is what all moral teaching comes to.

Pyotr Kropotkin

If you cannot identify the target. You are the target.

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